Veterinarian Serving in Boulder & Westminster, CO


1658 30th Street, Boulder, CO 80301 945 W 124th Ave, Westminster, CO 80234 Boulder: 303-252-7722 Westminster: 303-440-7722



Patients are seen on a first-come, first-served basis. Critical patients will be given priority. No appointment necessary. However, contacting us by telephone first will help us prepare to treat your pet upon arrival. Our staff is trained to determine which cases are more critical and need to be given urgent priority.


Our complete in-house laboratory allows us to quickly and accurately diagnose and monitor most emergency diseases and conditions. Rapid assessment of the patient is crucial in determining the cause of your pet's problems, so appropriate treatment may be quickly initiated.


Surgical and operating rooms allow the trained veterinarians and staff to perform emergency surgical procedures at any time. For best care and safety, we continuously monitor vital parameters including: heart rate, respiratory rate, ECG, blood pressure, and blood oxygenation.
Puppy and Kitten - Pet Hospital in Westminister & Boulder, CO
Dachshund and Bulldog - Pet Hospital in Westminster & Boulder, CO


Digital x-rays allow the veterinarians to rapidly assess your pet's condition and health. Radiology consults and some ultra sound are available.


We are able to dispense a wide variety of medication for your pet. If your pet requires a medication not available through our pharmacy, we will provide you with a written prescription.


If hospitalization is required, we will give you an estimate of fees for anticipated treatment and procedures for your approval. We try not to exceed this estimate; however, changes in your pet's condition may necessitate unexpected treatment. Should this occur, we will make every effort to reach you. If we cannot reach you, the attending veterinarian will do what is best for your pet. Pre-payment is required on all hospitalized cases.


It is the philosophy of the Boulder and Northside Emergency Pet Clinics to function as support of the services provided by your family veterinarian. Our practice is limited to providing your pet with the highest quality emergency and critical care medicine available. For routine procedures, such as spays, neuters, vaccinations, check-ups, or follow-up care you will be referred to your own veterinarian. If you do not have a veterinarian, our staff will assist you in selecting one in your area.

What Is Considered A Real Emergency?

The following are considered true emergencies until proper evaluation is attained.
  • Trauma (hit by vehicle, falling, drowning, electrocution or burns)
  • Active Bleeding
  • Difficulty Breathing or Swallowing
  • Seizures
  • Severe Lethargy
  • Sudden Collapse or Weakness
  • Abdominal Distention or Bloating
  • Pain or Discomfort-Pale or Discolored Gums, Tongue or Skin
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Diarrhea
  • Excessive Coughing
  • Discharge from the Eyes, Nose or Genitals
  • Discolored or Abnormal Urination
  • Excessive Vocalizing, Whimpering or Howling
  • Abnormal Body Temperature
  • Surgical Complications
  • Chewing or Removal of Sutures, Bandages, Splints or Drains
  • Not Eating or Drinking
For best possible care, please call in advance and have your pet examined as soon as possible. It is very difficult to assess the condition and fees over the phone without an examination.