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  • Evening, Weekend & Overnight Emergency Care in Boulder & Westminster

    Boulder and Northside Emergency Pet Clinics provide comprehensive emergency veterinary services on evenings, weekends, and overnight from two locations in Colorado.

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  • Veterinarians Specializing in Pet Emergencies

    The dedicated veterinarians at Boulder and Northside Emergency Pet Clinics are specially trained in emergency medicine and triage.

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Comprehensive Care at Our Emergency Pet Clinics

At our two convenient locations in Boulder and Westminster, our vets provide emergency care evenings, overnight, and on weekends. 

Our Westminster location provides emergency care 24/7/365 for your pets in any emergency, at any time, while our Boulder location is open 24 hours on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. At our emergency pet clinics, your pet's paws are in good hands.

Whether your pet suffers a sudden illness, accident, or trauma, our experienced vets are always ready to deliver critical medical attention with compassion and skill.

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Boulder and Westminster Veterinarian

What to Do in a Pet Emergency

Basic First-Aid Strategies Can Be Helpful 

Use basic first-aid strategies to help stabilize your pet for transportation to one of our clinics. Once you feel comfortable transporting your pet, head to our emergency pet clinic in Boulder or Westminster immediately. Call us ahead of time if you can.

    • Strategies for Dogs

      Approach your dog calmly and slowly. Kneel down and call their name. Back away and call for help if there's any indication of aggression.

      If your pet seems passive, build a makeshift stretcher and gently lift him or her onto it, supporting the neck and back areas. 

    • Strategies for Cats

      Your cat may experience pain as you stabilize them. To help prevent them from biting, gently place a blanket or towel over their head.

      Slowly lift your cat and place him or her in an open-topped box or carrier, carefully supporting the head and neck areas.

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  • These folks are angels! I brought in my diabetic cat who experienced a severe drop in glucose and a seizure, and we were afraid we were going to lose him. They took immediate action and he recovered!
    - Lanelle M.

Pet Emergency Tips & Advice

The veterinary teams at Boulder and Northside Emergency Clinics share tips and advice to help keep your pets safe in the event of an emergency situation.

How can I tell if my dog has been poisoned?

How can I tell if my dog has been poisoned?

Our veterinarians in Boulder and Westminster are aware that dogs tend to chew on harmful objects. As a responsible pet owner, it is crucial to identify your dog's initial symptoms of poisoning and understand the necessary steps to take if such symptoms are observed.

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Signs of Pain in Cats

Signs of Pain in Cats

As pet owners, you must be aware of the subtle signs that your cat is in pain since cats are known for concealing their discomfort. Our vets in Boulder and Westminster his sharing insights into the symptoms and indicators of pain in cats, along with tips on how you can assist your furry companion.

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How to Help Your Dog Recover After Surgery

How to Help Your Dog Recover After Surgery

You can play an important role in assisting your dog's full recovery after surgery. To help them return to their daily routine as soon as possible, attentive, diligent post-op care is essential. Today, our Boulder and Westminster veterinarians will discuss caring for your dog after surgery.

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PU Surgery in Cats

PU Surgery in Cats

Urinary blockages are a serious concern for cats and have the potential to be life-threatening. If the routine solutions have proven to be ineffective then your vet may recommend surgical correction. In today's post, our Boulder and Westminster vets talk about perineal urethrostomy (PU) surgery in cats and what will happen during your cat's surgery and recovery.

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Emergency Vet Care

At Boulder and Northside Emergency Pet Clinics, our dedicated veterinarians are specially trained in emergency medicine and triage. We provide quality, compassionate emergency care.

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Boulder Emergency Pet Clinic

1658 30th St, Boulder, CO 80301 US

(303) 440-7722

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Northside Emergency Pet Clinic

945 W 124th Ave, Westminster, CO 80234 US

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